WookLife 101 - 01 How can you tell if you are a Wook?

WookLife 101

01 - How can you can tell if you are a Wook?


A Wook is a rare breed of human. A subspecies of the Hippie and EDM Countercultures.

How can you tell if you are a Wook? Read these key Wook principals. Do you align with some/all of them?


  • 420 is your most spirtiual time of day
  • You love flow toys, light shows, or hula hooping
  • You're into Vibez/Energy/ Tarot/Divination/Crystals
  • You love walking barefoot outdoors
  • You can always recognize a song by just the BaSs DrOp
  • You dance for no reason
  • You don’t wash your hair... ever
  • Deodorant and shaving optional
  • You know how to find free stuff, food, rides etc
  • You love Psychedelic & Trippy Art
  • Music Festivals are life
  • Favorite colour is ALL THE COLOURS


 Do you feel like you align with these values? Then you might be a Wook.


Embrace your new found Wook Life

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