Salvia Breakthrough Experience

A breakthrough on Salvia divinorum is not for the faint of heart. Salvia is a powerful psychoactive plant that packs a surreal punch. Used by ancient shamans to transcend limited 3 dimensional states of consciousness, historically Salvia was eaten. These days we Psychonauts like to kick it up a notch and smoke it. This substance produces intense hallucinations, the craziest part is that you can feel everything, as if it's happening to you in real time.

Being a Wook myself I decided to go full throttle and hit it in a bong... straight to the dome. I was not prepared for the break through experience that followed. Here is my story.

After exhaling my hoot I was immediately transported. I became a flying pair of eyeballs in outer space. Then I saw these two giant steel balls come flying at each other and make a huge explosion. 

I became myself in first person again and there was this vortex with these hooded red guys and drying machines on a conveyor belt. There was a drying machine than a person than another drying machine repeating over and over. I was locked between two drying machines, and at the end of the conveyor you get sucked into a portal. Right before the portal I see these hooded red guys saying "we own you." 

At this point I had forgotten I had smoked Salvia and I thought I was dead, that it was 2012 and Illuminati had taken over the world. I got sucked through the portal and I landed in this white world. I looked behind me and saw this wall of colour that's coming straight for me and it knocked me over. When I hit the ground I became the second hand on the London clock tower. 

I was ticking on this clock and when you get to the 1 hour you fall through it and live but when I got to the 1, I missed and I got stuck on the clock. The clock turned into the giant clock wizard from yugioh. It was a clock like cartoon with arms and legs. He grabbed me off his face and slammed me against the brightest neon green grass I've ever seen. I just started chewing on this bright neon green grass. Than I come to.. In Reality I had fallen over and was just chewing on a treestump.

So there you have it, that's my experience breaking through on Salvia. Have you ever had an experience this crazy? Let me know your most insane trip experience in the comments.

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