Astral wizard Art & Psychedelic Fashion

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Created by two Psychonauts Laura and Yama, who have an obsession with mesmerizing prints and magnetic psychedelic fashion.

Our Favourite thing about dressing in brightly coloured prints is the reactions and feelings it causes. Everywhere you go you are putting smiles on people's faces. In a sea of dark and subdued colours, vibrant geometric prints uplift and inspire both you, and the people you come across.

We see it as part of the psychedelic revolution, breaking up old ways of thinking and shifting into life in colour, where anything is possible.

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Laura's charming designs are imaginative dreamscapes full of playful characters and shapes. All her artwork is hand drawn than turned into psychonaut madness on the computer. click here to check out Laura's Best Designs. 

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Yama's mind-blowing creations are digitally designed using bold geometric shapes and vibrant colours which create ultra epic art and clothing. Click here to check out Yama' s most popular work. 

Astral Wizard Art is influenced by psychedelics, Video Games/Cartoon culture & altered states of consciousness. 

We want Astral Wizard to have a cause and positive impact. So for every order one tree is planted. Read more about our sustainability and Eco-friendly practices here.

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